Add Some GOODAYs to Your Driving Life!

The annual GOODAY celebration which takes place at the end of June and the beginning of July refers to member days of GOOLOO. This celebration starts from 2022 and will be kept forward in years to come. Every year during this period, special offers and fantastic gifts will be prepared to express the deep gratitude to our dear members and loyal fans!

Starting from 2014, GOOLOO stay true to our philosophy of "Enrich your driving life", endeavoring to advance our technology and improve our products. We shall always try all the best to help you in emergencies and enhance your experiences with your vehicles.

Buy GOOLOO, enjoy good days!

A Glimpse at the 2022 GOODAY Celebration

30/06/2022 - 06/07/2022

The 2022 Gooday is in full swing, come and see what we've got you this year!

Limited-time special offers

Goodness gracious, guess what other premiums we have got for you -- special offers!
During the 30/06/2022 - 06/07/2022 GOODAY Flash Sale, up to 50% off discounts are available sitewide together with five Today's Special limited-time sales. 📅
30/06 GP4000 + GP2000
01/07 - 02/07 GT4000 + Large EVA Storage Box
03/07 - 04/07 GT1500 + EVA Storage Box
05/07 - 06/07 GE1200 +  GT3000 

GOOLOO's Most Worthy Products Guide:

GP 4000: the most popular GOOLOO jump starter

GP4000 is GOOLOO's flagship product and best seller. This model features multiple strengths such as 4000A peak current owing to which it can boost all gas-powered vehicles and up to 10.0 L diesel-powered vehicles, 26800 mAh battery capacity, 8 security protections. GP4000 is widely accepted and recommended by many YouTubers and online celebrities.

GT4000/GT4000S: Your most reliable mate on road

26800 mAh battery capacity and 4000 A peak current distinguishes GT4000/ GT4000S from all other jump starters as the most powerful and enables it to boost up to 12.0 L gasoline and 10.0 L diesel engines quickly and safely. With a display screen on it, GT4000/ GT4000S is super-strong yet novice-friendly. Besides, GT4000/ GT4000S supports up to PD 100 W USB in-/output -- it's time to charge your vehicles and devices at extraordinary speed.
Another thing to mention is that the GT4000 model is specially equipped with the most advanced pre-heating technology (exclusive to GT4000, not available on GT4000S) and therefore able to jump start batteries when the ambient temperature is as abominable as -40 °F !


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