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Have you ever tried to start your vehicle on a cold morning, only to hear the dreaded noise? Finding yourself stranded with a dead car battery is the most annoying thing and there is a safety risk under extreme weather as well. Under such circumstances, you will soon realize how important getting a quick jump is. Unlike the traditional way of jump-starting a car that needs long jumper cables and another vehicle, a portable jump starter may be the quickest and easiest way to get your car running again. It features a built-in lithium polymer battery, which is lighter than sealed lead-acid battery and holds more capacity for use. GOOLOO GT4000 is definitely the best in winter. Its advanced pre-heating technology makes it possible to start the battery under the environment of -40 °F without the wait. No more desperation during the freezing weather.


 Imagine this, in the first day of Spring, you are about to take a road trip with your mates through twists and turns. You start the engine and expect to hear the roar of the car, but all that happens is a lifeless,disappointing crank and then slowly comes to a halt. Thankfully, a portable jump starter is a great emergency tool for you to jump-start your dead car battery instantly, making it a must-have in everyone’s car. GOOLOO GP4000 jumper pack is a wonderful off-grid companion thanks to its compact size and lightweight, allowing you to keep it on the car trunk or your backpack without taking too much space and effort. In addition, it comes with a handy EVA storage box for you to store it with all the accessories.


Old car is always easy to get a conked-out or dead battery. Don't let a flat battery leave you stuck on the side of the road, put a GOOLOO Compact 12V jump starter in the boot and you'll be home in no time. It is born to boost a dead battery and make the vehicle start.There are various models of jump starters on GOOLOO, equipped with battery capacity from 66.6Wh to 99.2Wh. The more powerful the jump starter, the bigger the car it can jump start. Apart from the space-saving design that is perfect to store at the car trunk, it features a LED light for you to check your car engine or others at night and several USB ports for you to charge your devices when needed.


More than as a jump starter, GOOLOO jumper pack can work as a power bank as well. With its high capacity, it can power your phone, camera, laptop several times on a single charge. If you're away camping for the weekend or broken down on the side of the road with a dead phone, all you need to do is just plug your USB charger in and charge up your devices. What‘s more, its 12V DC port allows you to power portable inflators or portable vacuum on the go. GOOLOO GT3000 and GT4000, as our 2022 new arrivals, are capable of PD100W charging and recharging through the Type-C port, get the work done quickly and efficiently.

Build-in Smart Protection

Cheap and inferior jump starters have high risk of causing overloading, sparks, even fires etc. GOOLOO Keeps that in mind and pays attention to every detail when manufacturing and innovating. GOOLOO lithium jump starters are equipped with 8 intelligent safety protections to safeguard your use,like protecting against short circuits,reverse polarity, power surging and sparking,and so forth. For instance, when the jumper cables are connected incorrectly, the clamp will send a red light to warn you. If connected correctly, there will be a green and solid light on the black adapter of the clamp.

Over Temperature Protection

Over-Discharger Protection

Reverse Polarity Protection

Short Circuit Protection

Over-Current Protection

Reverse Charge Protection

Over-Charge Protection

Reverse Connection Protection

How to Jump Start A Car

Steps to jump-start


First and foremost, make sure this unit is over 50% charged (check the battery indicator> 2 bars). If this unit has not been used in more than two months, it is advisable to charge it first.

Step 1

Connect the smart jumper cable fully into this unit and make sure the two indicators on the jumper cable are off.

Step 2

Connect the two clamps to the car battery. (Red to the positive (+) pole and black to the negative (-) pole.)

Step 3

Start the vehicle when the GREEN LIGHT is on and solid.After the vehicle has been started, remove the jumper cable from the jump starter and the vehicle battery.

Get The Suitable Peak Amps!

Gooloo has many jumper types that serve different vehicle types. You must understand your car index to choose the right jump starter peak amps.


If you own a small car, we recommend you a GOOLOO GE1200,Water & Dust Resistant GT1500, or Gooloo GP2000 peak 19800 mAh supersafe car jump starter with USB quick charge 3.0.


For larger engines, you can use the GOOLOO GP4000 jump starter or More powerful new upgradeGT3000, GT4000 jump starter. Suitable for medium to large vehicles, their peak current can reach about 3000A - 4000A.


In case the 1500A equipment is not enough to serve your large vehicle, try using the 2000A or 4000A! These are special powerful jump starters used for larger vehicles that have a larger battery!

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