Can the Jump Starter Start the Car in Extremely Cold Weather?

This depends on the devices you own.

It is a common phenomenon for most lithium-ion batteries to experience a dramatic power efficiency decrease caused by the freezing weather. Lithium batteries rely on chemical reactions to work, and the cold can slow down the reactions significantly. 

Our GOOLOO GT4000 jump starter patented with low-temperature resistant batteries can be stored and operated at much lower temperatures than other jump starters. GT4000 is equipped with Pre-Heat -40°F Start Tech, which can start your dead car batteries in 3 min only in freezing weather. With this product, you can feel free to hit the road this winter.

Pre-Heat Technology:

Your jump starters are made of low-temperature resistant batteries, which can be stored and operated in much lower temperatures than other brands.

With GT4000, if the jump starter detects that the temperature is below the lowest operating temperature, it will automatically activate the Pre-Heat Function to warm up and reach the ideal operating temperature in about two minutes.


How to Start Your Car in Extremely Cold Weather

GOOLOO car power pack starts a car in only three steps. You can simply clamp-on, connect to the car battery and start your car while your car battery is dead from age or weather. Jumping start a car can be so easy.



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