GOOLOO GP Warrior Jump Starter

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Most Thinnest Yet Quite Powerful
· 2000 peak cranking amps
· 76.96 Wh/ 20800mAh* 3.7 V battery capacity
· For 12 V cars, motorcycles, mowers, etc
· Start up to 9.0 L gas engine/ 7.0 L diesel engine
· 1.12 inches thickness & 1.28 ibs
· 2X USB output port & 1X 15V DC port
· 1000 + Times Battery Cycle Life

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Puissant mais léger : Il fournit 2 000 ampères de crête pour le démarrage rapide des véhicules 12 V jusqu'à 9,0 L de moteurs essence et de moteurs diesel de 7,0 L tout en pesant à seulement 1,28 lb.

Batterie lithium-ion de 74,6 Wh : Elle peut fournir de nombreux boosts à un SLA à cycle profond ou jusqu'à 3 charges d'iPhone avant d'être complètement épuisée.

2 sorties USB et lumière LED intégrée : Au-delà du démarrage rapide, il peut charger vos multiples appareils par ses 2 ports USB et fournir des modes d'éclairage SOS, lampe de poche et stroboscopique la nuit ou en cas d'urgence.

Conception portable et élégante : Il prend peu de place dans le véhicule et est facile à transporter partout où vous allez.

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1. Does the GOOLOO Jump Starter only start vehicles?
The GOOLOO Jump Starter comes with a flashlight function and is not only a device that can start your car but also a portable charger that can quickly charge your mobile devices and laptops on the road.

2. How safe is the GOOLOO Jump Starter?
This unit includes 8 protection features, including over-current protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, and overcharge protection, making it extremely safe to use.

3. What scenarios can I use the GOOLOO Jump Starter in?
This unit is perfect to jump start a dead car in ice and snow when the battery is undercharging, the car stalls while driving, or in emergencies, for medical rescue, or on road trips.

4. Is the GOOLOO Jump Starter difficult to use?
No. You can jump start your vehicle in three easy steps. You can simply clamp on, connect to the car battery and wait for a solid green light on the clamp, then start your car.

5. What battery does the GOOLOO Jump Starter use?
This unit uses a lightweight lithium polymer battery.

6. Can it jump-start a 6V battery?
No. GOOLOO jump starters can only jump-start 12V battery.
7 Can I use this jump starter on a gel battery?
Yes, as long as it is at 12 Volt.

8. What are the recommended operating and storage temperatures?
The GOOLOO Jump Starter includes a lithium polymer battery built for operating and storage temperatures of -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F). If the ambient temperature is above 60°C (140°F), the internal cell construction of the lithium polymer battery may be damaged, causing it to swell and become unsafe. Do not store the device in a vehicle parked in hot weather for long periods of time.

9. Why are the green and red light on the jumper cable blinking?
The jumper cable features a smart Over-Start Protection function. If you start the vehicle more than 4 times in 2 minutes, the jumper cable will turn on Over-Start Protection: The green and red light will start to blink and the battery clamps will have no output. When you disconnect the jumper cable plug from the jumper starter, the smart Over-Start Protection will reset.

10. How do I know if this unit is correctly connected to the vehicle?
The indicator on the jumper cable will show a steady green light when the battery clamps are correctly connected to the vehicle battery. If a steady red light comes on and the unit is beeping, the connection needs to be reversed.

11. Can this unit charge other devices while it is being charged?

12. Can this unit charge other devices while starting a vehicle?

13. How often should my unit be recharged?
We recommend to recharge the GOOLOO Jump Starter every 3 months.